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Stockland Digital Map Table

I've spent the last year working with the creative team at Urban Circus producing 10 largescale housing & lifestyle developments for our client, Stockland.

The Digital Map Table app we developed will be installed on-site in multiple Stockland Display Centres across Australia as a sales tool. Customers will be able to explore a digital representation of the future community they plan on buying property in prior to its full development over the coming years.

My role in the team consisted of Modelling, Texturing, Freelancer Management, Vegetation placement, as well as the exporting of content to our touchscreen digital map table.

Over 50 thousand houses were placed across the 10 sites, as well as dozens of Parks, Schools, Shopping & Community Centres

Andrew moore minta staticcam01 v02 edited

Minta - Wetlands

Andrew moore minta staticcam02 v02 edited

Minta - Skate Park

Andrew moore minta park capture small 01

Minta - Skate Park Close Up

Andrew moore screen 3840x2160 2018 12 18 11 35 38 2 resized

Sienna Wood - Creek Walking Path

Andrew moore screen 3840x2160 2018 12 18 11 36 15 resized

Sienna Wood - Shipwreck park

Andrew moore screen 3840x2160 2019 02 22 15 21 10 resized

Kalina - Overview